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Opel Corsa 1.2 16v

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seller AUTOVARS a.s., Jankovcova 2a 17000 Praha 7 - Hole┼íovice  |  tel. 602 344 313
Praha 7 / Praha
type cars / used
production year 2007
Tach. 162 000 km (100 662 miles)
cubic capacity 1229 ccm
performance 59 kW (79 PS)
fuel Gasoline
technical inspection 06 / 2013
car bodywork Hatchback
color dark blue
price 89 000 KŔ
more information Opel Corsa 1.2 16v hatchback r.v. 2007 1229 ccm, 59 kW, barva tmav─Ť modr├í, ABS, centr├íln├ş zamyk├ín├ş, .. deaktivace airbagu spolujezdce, leasing, manu├íln├ş p┼Öevodovka, prvn├ş majitel, servisn├ş kn├ş┼żka, spot┼Öebitelsk├Ż ├║v─Ťr
equipment ABS, CD player, central door lock, immobilizer, el. side mirrors, heated mirrors, tinted glass, rear window wiper, adjustable steering wheel, 2x airbags, outside temperature indicator, engine speed-indicator, power steering
Opel  |  Opel Corsa
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